Appalachian Pulmonary Health Project


About the Role

The Go South Fellow will work with Holly Mitchell and Dr. Dan Doyle to provide educational activities to summer camp programs in Kanawha and Boone counties. The Fellow will also visit and observe care of COPD and Black Lung patients at Cabin Creek Health Center and possible health centers in Lincoln and Logan counties. Besides carrying out actual teaching and facilitation of camp workshops, the Fellow will contribute by adding his/her reflections and suggestions to organizational strategy and challenges that APHP is facing. A lot is going on. Responsibilities: • Meet at least weekly with Holly Mitchell and Dr. Doyle • Visit and observe Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Cabin Creek Health Center. Dawes. • Meet with School-based behavioral health counselors Margie O’Kelly and Cammie Kitchen to help plan CATCH My Breath curriculum for the coming year. • Assist Holly Mitchell in analyzing evaluation results and student feedback for the CATCH My Breath courses that took place in the 2020 Spring school semester. • Help develop print, video, and Social media reports on the CATCH My Breath activities

How We're Advancing Equity:

APHP began in 2014 to address the major problems of lack of access to pulmonary rehabilitation and other medical treatment for persons suffering with COPD and Black Lung. In 2018, we added a primary prevention emphasis. Poverty, lack of health insurance, lack of transportation all contribute to these problems. This project addresses a root cause of chronic lung disease, early addiction to tobacco products. We are in the communities, in the health centers, in the middle schools and high schools with the persons most affected. What are some recent successes on this front? In 2019, we received a $276,000 grant to deliver the CATCH My Breath program to 6 WV and KY rural Appalachian counties. This work has begun. In 2019, we also received a $49,000 planning grant from the Appalachian Commission that focuses on the role of rural hospitals and health centers to preserve and create jobs in communities impacted by the downturn in the coal economy.

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

• Excellent writing and communication skills • Commitment to health care as a human right. • Non-user of tobacco products or any illicit drugs. Recreational Cannabis is not yet legal in WV. • Strong interest in direct health care service, health care policy, and health education for behavioral change. • Compassion, generosity, humility, courage.

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