Consumer Credit Counseling Service


About the Role

According to national research done on credit counseling, clients have an average improved credit score of 15 points 18 months after counseling. Clients reduced their debt on average by $8,000 and 67% reported that they are better at managing their money. CCCS would like to have a Go South fellow research similar data in our community. The research study would look at client credit scores and debt levels at the time the clients received counseling and compare results at six-month, one year, eighteen months, and two-year intervals. The research fellow would measure the change in a client’s financial situation, debt reduction, and increase in credit score. They could also look for correlations in race, income, and zip codes to credit scores, debt reduction, and financial situation. Besides the quantitative measurements, CCCS would like to capture five client stories to have a qualitative dimension. CCCS is a team of six and does not have the in-house capacity to do this research study. The study will help CCCS learn more about the clients we serve, the impact our program has, and ways to improve our programming. The research study would show the program success to funders and potential clients, while also giving hope to community members who are struggling with debt. Our Go South fellow will see first-hand how debt impacts an individual’s psychological well-being and family structure. They will also gain valuable research experience and observe how credit and debt intersect with race in a modern Southern city.

How We're Advancing Equity:

Financial wellness is essential for advancing equity for all community members especially underserved populations including women, African-Americans, and low-to-moderate income workers. Most of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Savannah Area Inc. (CCCS) clients are underserved families who use our services to reduce their debt, improve their credit, or become successful homeowners. Therefore, CCCS plays a crucial role in advancing equity in our community by improving the financial wellness of underserved populations.

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

Knowledge of how to conduct research Skills developing rapport, interviewing, and compiling results Experience analyzing data and writing research papers

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