Generation West Virginia


About the Role

In the past three years, GWV’s team has grown from a staff of 1 to 10+. In August 2019, we hired our first Operations Director to help lead and support the internal management and organization of our team and the work that we do. As an Operations Fellow you will be working directly with the Operations Director to help develop and strengthen systems to increase effectiveness and long-term sustainability at GWV. As Operations Fellow, you will: ● Work with the Operations Director to assess current systems and organizational needs within the organization ● Work with the Operations Director to identify goals and priorities for your time with GWV ● Implement at least 1-2 organizational systems or other initiatives to help increase GWV’s effectiveness and long-term sustainability ● Learn about the programs and operations of the statewide nonprofit working to attract and retain young people in the Mountain State ● Help support and learn with the entire staff at GWV

How We're Advancing Equity:

At its core, our mission is about building a West Virginia where all people know that they have a place here and that they can choose to stay. To us, this means creating programs that both build opportunity with and for West Virginians already here -- who often feel stuck rather than having a choice -- as well as for those who have had the ability to leave but want to come back. In order to attract and retain the next generation, all young people have to feel like they can do and be whatever they want to be here. We’re not there yet but we’re working toward that vision each day. Here are a few things we’re working on: ● Even as a small nonprofit, we’ve prioritized organizational policies that put people first and make it possible for more people to say yes to working at Generation West Virginia -- including offering flexible working hours and space, paid paternity, maternity, and adopted family leave as well as covering 100% of health benefits for all employers. ● We’ve reduced barriers for people to access our programming and our workplace by removing degree and other limiting education/experience requirements from our job postings. We’ve educated our employer partners to start doing the same. ● We are active advocates for both local and statewide nondiscrimination policies to expand protections for the LGBTQ community in employment, housing, and public accommodations, including being one of the first organizations to stand in public opposition to a proposed discriminatory “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in 2017. ● As an organization, we’re always listening for what barriers people are facing and work to reduce them wherever possible so that our work is accessible to everyone. One recent example is we’ve developed a Transition and Relocation Fund to cover moving and/or rent costs for Impact Fellows and NewForce Graduates to be able to move for new job opportunities.

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

This role would be a great fit for you if: ● You enjoy the balance of dreaming big and grounding in detail-oriented tasks ● You find systems and organization to be exciting and crucial to the operations of an organization ● Details are your jam ● You like the thought of being a part of a statewide team ● You want to help improve on current systems and think critically with a focus on long-term goals and sustainability ● You love learning with a team who is passionate about the work that they do

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