Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Services


About the Role

Park Place currently tracks outputs, such as number of bed nights, counseling hours, or meals served. Funding sources now require agencies to track outcomes, to see how these effective these outputs are for the youth we serve. The youth we serve are inherently transient and difficult to track long term. The Go South fellow will develop a system to track outcomes and reach out to former residents to develop data about outcomes. This effort will involve meeting with staff, current and former residents, parents, and other community stakeholders who track youth outcomes in our community, developing a system for staff to track outcomes long-term, and providing a written report to the Executive Director summarizing results. We also plan a fun and enriching summer program for our residents to expose them to job and educational opportunities in Savannah, as well as fun teen outings. The Go South fellow will research, schedule, and accompany youth on these outings; create input forms for these outings, and provide pre- and post-input from residents and staff to maximize these opportunities. This effort will involve meeting with residents to get input on desired activities and interests, researching outings and events tied to those requests, scheduling outings and communicating with staff and students, preparing youth to understand the value of activity, seeking input after the outing, and providing written report to the Executive Director summarizing results.

How We're Advancing Equity:

Park Place Outreach serves runaway, homeless, and at-risk teens, ages 11-21, through residential and non-residential programs, with the goal to help youth achieve safe and secure housing, healthy relationships, fulfilling education and employment opportunities, and overall well-being. Each child comes to Park Place with a unique set of challenges and obstacles, and our small environment and committed team is able to meet each child where they are to develop an action plan to end youth homelessness.

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

The primary task of the intern will be to plan summer outings and enrichment opportunities for our youth, which requires the following skill set Self motivator, self starter who gets some marching orders and takes off Ability/interest to learn Savannah network and opportunities quickly Excellent communication and organizational skills to be able to coordinate events between businesses and our staff Sense of fun and adventure Adaptable, able to make sudden changes and deal with unanticipated challenges

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