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Who We Are


Dasia Moore

Co-Founder, Director of Development

Dasia grew up in Reidsville, NC, Charleston, SC, and a handful of other cities and towns in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. Inspired by her experiences living in Southern places both big and small, she spent her time at Yale studying urban and rural poverty as an Ethics, Politics & Economics major. Dasia graduated in 2018 and now lives in New York City. Outside of her role at Go South she serves on the board of the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA).


Michelle Peng

Co-Founder, Director of Student Engagement

Michelle Peng is from Fayetteville, Arkansas. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, she moved to Arkansas as a baby, where her family found a home within the active Chinese American community. Having grown up in and around immigrant communities in Northwest Arkansas, Michelle is interested in giving opportunities to those who may feel reluctant to claim the South--especially those who, like her, may feel like they have shallow roots in a place where family legacy goes back generations. At Yale, Michelle learned more about community and advocacy through the Communication and Consent Educators, the Yale College Democrats, and service projects in and around New Haven. 


Olivia Paschal

Co-Founder, Director of Communications

Olivia is from Rogers, Arkansas, where her family has lived in the Ozark Mountains for generations. Her studies at Yale, where she was a History major, focused on Southern history and rural poverty. After graduating in 2018, she spent a year at The Atlantic in Washington, D.C. as an editorial fellow. She now lives and works in Durham, North Carolina as a reporter at Facing South, where she covers the rural South, democracy, and politics across the region.

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