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Consumer Credit Counseling Service


About the Role

For the summer of 2021, the Go South Fellow will research the impact of the CCCS home-buyer program. Currently, CCCS does not track home-buyer program outcomes due to its limited staff capacity. This research will allow CCCS to show its impact on the community for marketing and have better data points for securing program funding in the future. The fellow’s lasting impact on the agency will be a survey and reporting tool for ongoing impact measurement. The Fellow will report to the CCCS Director of Financial Education.

About the Organization

Want to spend your virtual summer fellowship researching the impact of a successful homeownership program on low-to-moderate income families in Savannah? Established in 1965 as a local non-profit, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Savannah Area, Inc. (CCCS) helps families in coastal Georgia and South Carolina achieve financial wellness. The small, but mighty CCCS team is mission and community focused agency. CCCS helps clients to reduce debt, improve credit, and promote successful homeownership through counseling and education.

How We're Advancing Equity:

According to the Urban Land Institute, “For Black and Hispanic households, homeownership remains a central way to build family assets and wealth.” As a HUD-certified counseling agency, CCCS provides a first-time home-buying program that includes group and individual sessions at no cost to participants. The Fellow's research will allow CCCS to understand the success rate of low-to-moderate income and minority home-buyers and show the impact of the program on the community.

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

- Quantitative and qualitative research experience
- No personal finance expertise necessary
- Proficiency in report writing and data management
- Willingness to try new try new things, dive in, and contribute

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