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Our Vision

We envision a just, equitable South—where economic opportunity is available to all, where social and cultural life reflect the region’s diversity of experiences and voices, and where all Southerners’ rights to political participation are protected. We believe in a South that is honest about the legacy of entrenched racism and intergenerational poverty, and a South where the responsibility of correcting our region’s wrongs is shared between all of us.

We believe such a South will be built by communities that recognize and address past inequalities, work to end current injustices, and fight for better, shared futures. We believe there are already many people and organizations doing this work. But Southerners working together for positive change simply do not receive the resources, recognition, and support they need and deserve.

We believe that as Southerners with access to nationwide networks, it is our job to share the resources our neighbors need to succeed.

Our mission is to bring resources where they are most needed and share narratives where they are least heard. We strive to expand the human, social, and financial capital available to the Southern cities, organizations, and community leaders working towards a more just, more equitable South.

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