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Georgia Legal Services


About the Role

Managing Attorney Bill Broker works with low-income, mostly older African American homeowners. He assists them with making wills and other estate planning, as well as securing title to their homes. Mr. Broker is often frustrated by the steps required to probate estates and move title to a home from a deceased person to a living person. The process frustrates the maintenance and growth of wealth in low-income communities. The law would appear to be written as to facilitate the movement of title from one affluent intact family to another, and that is simply not the population we serve. Our Go South Fellow would (1) research the impediments our current inheritance and probate scheme imposes on low-income homeowners, and (2) make suggestions as to how the law might be enhanced to make the movement of title less rigid.

About the Organization

Georgia Legal Services Program is a nonprofit law firm law firm funded in part by Legal Services Corporation. With 10 regional offices, GLSP provides civil legal services to Georgians in 154 counties outside the metro-Atlanta whose earnings do not exceed 200% of the federal poverty line or are over the age of 60. GLSP helps clients navigate the civil legal system, providing legal advice, representation in court, and opportunities out of poverty. Our most common practice areas are consumer, education, family law, housing, farm worker’s rights, and public benefits.

How We're Advancing Equity:

Key Skills & Qualifications (if any)

- Strong research skills
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Ability to organize information in a clear and concise manner
- Commitment to working in a diverse working environment
- Strong organization skills and ability to work independently

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